Department of Town Planning



1. What is the payment rate imposed for the purchase of a layout?
  Read Appendix A
2. What is the duration for a planning permission application process?
  The duration for a planning permission application is 108 working days provided the documentations are complete.
3. How long is the validity period for the plans after the approval of the planning permission?
  The validity period for planning permission plan is 1 year after the approval date in the OSC committee meeting if there are no earthworks being conducted at the site.
4. Apakah proses seterusnya selepas kebenaran merancang diluluskan?

What is the next process after the planning permission is approved?

A) Earthworks plan (Engineering Department)
B) Infrastructure Plan (Engineering Department )
C) Building Plan (Buildings and Architecture Department)
D) Landscape Plan (Youth and Community Department)
E) Certificate of Fitness for Occupation / CCC (Buildings and Architecture Department)
(All applications must be submitted to the Development OSC Counter)

5. What is the duration given to adjacent lots to forward views or objections?
  21 days after the notice is delivered according to Section 21(6), Act 172.
6. What is the method to submit/respond to objection notices?
  By e-mails, letters and faxes to the Department. If there are any enquiries, it can be directly channelled to the Town Planning Department at 03-42968008 or approach the Town Planning Department directly