Threatening Public Peacefulness:-
– Upsetting the harmony among the neighbours.
– Increasing the danger of publics being chased and bitted.
– The barking noise can be disturbing at night time.
– Poor management of food remnants and dogs' faeces may give rise to filthiness and unpleasant odour.
– To prevent any forms of torturing on animals
– Spreading contagious diseases to human


Wild dogs may carry: -

– Parasites
– Bacteria and viruses
– Fungus that may jeorpardise the public health

Environmental contaminations:

– Contaminating the environment through faeces, hair drops and dragging the trashes and trash cans all over the place.  –Breeding grounds for flies and rats.
– Sources for the breeding of wild dogs.

Control of wild dogs: The control of wild dogs is a responsibility that all of us should share.
– Obtain licence and periodic health check
– Report to the Council (MPAJ) should there be threats from wild dogs.
– Report also to MPAJ if there are cases whereby the dog owners do not take care of their dogs in a proper manner.
– Trashes should be kept in trash cans with proper lids so that the wild dogs would not be able to rummage and drag the trash.
– Dogs should be kept within the premise of a house or chained.  Avoid letting the dogs run freely in which they would end up as wild dogs.
– Avoid uncontrolled breeding of dogs, and send the dogs for sterilization.