• Upon confirmation of deposit, building collection and waste disposal services will be given in accordance to specified service price rate.
  • The council will deliver dustbin based on required size upon concurrence with applicants a day prior to additional works and house renovation takes place.
  • Certification of dustbin delivery will be issued out and signed by applicants.
  • Dustbin will be pulled within 21 days form delivery date or once it fulls whichever comes first. If dustbin fulls before stipulated 21 days period, applicants can call Council to pull out the full dustbins.
  • After additional works and house renovation completed, Council will do comprehensive cleanliness inspection before last dustbin pulled out.
  • Council will refund the applicants deposit based on collection services cost and building waste disposal done by Council.
  • Do not initiate any burning at site area including inside dustbin. If found any burning made inside dustbin, dustbin maintenance fee of RM 500.00 will be imposed to applicants.
  • Do not dispose flammable items, paint, acid; toxic waste, chemical solution and others related items into dustbin.
  • Application form is available at Menara MPAJ at RM 5.00

Terms of Application

  • Application for additional works and house renovation and existing building is compulsory to pay deposit.