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  • Plan submitted consists of 4 sets of landscape proposal plan (3 ammonia and 1 linen).
  • Site Plan and Location Plan are shown.
  • Planting plan shown in clear and appropriate scale.
  • Submit Landscape Development Proposal Report that contains:
    1. Landscape Proposal Concept
    2. Illustration
      • Perspective
      • Cross section
      • Site Existing Topography
      • Existing trees or plants
      • Site Existing State (Photo)
    3. Development details elements:
      • Wakaf
      • Pavement
      • Plant (Ornamental Tree)
      • Plant (Shading Tree)
    4. d. Planting method:
      • Instant
      • 'Detail Construction'
    5. e. Maintenance method after construction completely completed
      • Car par is provided with island 1.5m width.
      • Scientific Name, generic name, planting distance, diameter, flowers of trees height, symbol and total plants.
      • Appropriate scale used is shown (1.5m from JBA pipes and Fire hydrant).
      • All open area planted with grass. (Spot turfing / Close turfing).
      • Shrub / planting hedge from junction not less than 40 m.
      • Decorated trees of Bunga Tanjung (mimusops elengi), Bunga Raya (Hibiscus) and Bunga Kertas (Bougainvillea).
      • Playground and park equipments presented separately.
      • Details plan for toys and park facilities is included (bench, wakaf, lights, 'trellis' pergola, dustbin, pavement and others).
      • Selection of trees at following areas:
        1. Car Park.
        2. Road Shoulder.
        3. Road Divider.
        4. Playground.
        5. Housing Area..
        6. Open Area.
        7. Factory Perimeter.
      • Recreational Facilities
        • Badminton / Takraw court, etc.
        • Exercise Equipments.
        • Swimming pool
        • Others. (please state)