Name : Drs. Sarodin Bin Hj. Shahri
Pasition : Director [N52]
E-mel : sarodin [at] mpaj [dot] gov [dot] my
No. Telefon : 03-42968007
No fax: 03-4296 5545
Locations Level 14



  • Planning and implementing an increase to keep the area clean and beautiful of environment while preserving the health, comfort and solidarity of the population such as solid waste management , area cleaning, planning and development 
  • Processing all their license application MPAJ in the area municipal council administration Ampang Jaya
  • Investigate complaints department in the area MPAJ
  • Coonduct inspections cleaning premises and issuing certificate premises clean for food premises in MPAJ
  • The prevention and controlling of communicable diseases and help the district health office in the activity of public health
  • Assisting the minitry of consumer affairs, department of environment and other department in the success of joint activities law enforcement council and the health law in the administrative area.