Name : Hasrolnizam Bin Shaari
Pasition : Engineer [J52] (Secretary Of The Council)
E-Mel : hasrol [at] mpaj [dot] gov [dot] my
No. Telefon : 03-4296 5887 (Level 11)
No. Telefon : 03-4296 8010 (Level 5)
No fax: 03-4296 1378
Locations : Level 11



Development Control Division

  • Process For Conversion Of Land Use And Building
  • Planning Permission Process For Detached House And Mixed Development
  • Processing Earthwork Application For House And Mixed Development
  • Processing Applications For Road, Drainage Infrastructure And Street Lamps/ Traffic Lights
  • Monitoring The Work Of Land That Had Been Approved
  • Monitoring Infrastructure Works That Have Been Approved
  • Checking Application Certificate Of Occupancy
    • Running The Test CBR dan Coring Test
    • Checking Application Submission Street Lighting,Drainage And Roads To Council
    • Processing Road Excavation Permit And Approve Permit Application That Have Been Processed By Pihak Konsortim Jaringan Selangor(ICLS) For Telecommunication,Energy And Gas Purpose.
  • Complaints
    • Review and Investigate Complaints
    • Preparing Report And Measures Solution

Maintenance Division Infrastructure And Public Facilities

  • Identify and coordinate the civil complaint on infrastructure maintenance
  • The implementation plan maintenance work infrastructure
  • Provide comfort to road users while reducing the accident rate caused by infrastructure imperfections in the administrative area of the council
  • Ensure maintenance word and repair executed are well and satisfactorily in accordance with engineering standard
  • Overcome problems and incidents of flooding in the area of administration 

The Electrically

  • Ensuring public streer lights,traffic lights are in good condition
  • Manage and supervise affairs repair street lights/public ,as well as a traffic light council
  • Managing the payment of bills for electricity and water for premis-premis under responsbility of council
  • Receiving and managing complaints related to street lamps/lights to signal take action
  • Check the application of electricity supplt in council area
  • Manage application electrification, street lighting and public lighting in council of responsibility

The Project Management

  • Planning new event projects for public facilities such as food courts, markets, halls, etc
  • Upgrading of infrastructure and facilities such as road, drainage etc.
  • Manage and control the implementation of the project-project council
  • Harmonize provision of the federal and state government including implementing work to upgrade and maintenance infrastructure and public facilities

Administration Division

  • Manage administrative matters and events department
    • Coordinate work files,letters,complaints,updating employee leave, overtime claims, the minutes of meetings of department , offices and stores department needs

The Slopes

  • Inspect and monitoring the development of area around bukit and highlands continuously
  • Carry out monitoring and maintenance against slope-slope critical periodcally.
  • Running the information collection database slope
  • Doing enforcement action against party failing the maintenance slope
  • Conducting program awareness maintenance and monitoring the slope to locals who inhabit the highlands

Mechanical Part

  • Ensure the vehicle always in good condition with perform vehicle maintenance and vehicle inspection
  • Manage and supervise affairs vehicle repair
  • Check and Verify all invoices received from the vehicle repair workshop
  • Managing the process payments vehicle repair council

The R&D

  • Managing the project development by the state and federal
  • Checking and manage water quality (pollution) in the area of development,business and residential premises
  • Process technical support application billboard