The Expenses

•    Manages all of payment and expenses of council
•    Ensuring that the payment is made be properly kept and controlled in the environment according to the approved budget
•    Handling the of petty cash claims
•    Assisting in the preparation of annual budget
•    Regulating the payment claim is made within 14 days
The Account
•    Preparation of monthly account statements and financial statements
•    Preparation of bank reconciliation statement
•    Preparing annual budget
•    Checking all results hae been collected correctly and properly accounted for
•    Processing, reviewing and updating the data and report taxes through 'on-line' (outside agency)
The Revenue
•    Managing the events cursing assessment tax
•    Managing the compound fees and other council bills
•    Provides local collection fee for the assessment tax of PBT / Selangor land office
•    Receive and process the license approval instantly
•    Receive and process the council hall booking
•    Receive and process the truth occlude/tent permit
•    Take action and demand the assessment tax arrears
•    Shipping reminder notices/warrant and seized